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Welcome to Gangwon State!

Gangwon State is a new name that was created on June 11, 2023, after 628 years.

The area of Gangwon State is 16,875㎢, which is 16.7% of the total area of Korea.
However, the online area is infinite.
Now, Gangwon State has given freedom.
Gangwon State will become a place where you want to stay and live, not a place you want to visit someday.

Do you have any questions about Gangwon State? We will answer your questions right here on our website. We will provide you with the latest information transparently.

Please feel free to present various opinions and ideas through our website.

If the new Gangwon State is the ‘Land of Freedom and Opportunity’, our website is a ‘Channel for Free Communication’.

The growth of Gangwon State is with you. Thank you.

Governor of Gangwon State Kim Jin Tae

최근 업데이트 2023-11-22

Gangwon State Government : 1 Jungangro, Chuncheon Si, Gangwon-do 24266 Republic of Korea
Gangwon State Second Government (Global Hall) : 270 Yeonju-ro Jumunjin-eup Gangneung-si Gangwon-do, 25425 Republic of Korea
TEL +82-33-254-2011